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For Individuals

Important Notice: If you received unemployment during 2020, you will need to claim this as income. To print form 1099G for unemployment received from the state of Tennessee, which shows the amount received and withheld, please visit If you recieved unemployment, we cannot prepare your return without form 1099G.

The link below is the engagement letter that we need you to sign. These are the terms under which we prepare your return. You must sign this form each year when you come in for your appointment or drop your return off. You may print this out now, complete it and include it when you bring us your tax return source documents. There is also a questionaire that contains some of the basic information updates that we need to correctly complete your tax return. We cannot begin working on your return until these 2 forms are completed and signed. If you are new to our firm, we will also need a copy of your most recently filed return along with the New Client Information form completed and brought with you to your appointment.

2020 Questionaire

2020 Engagement Letter

New Client Information

If you have had any of the following occur since we last prepared a return for you, please fill out an Information Change Form:

  • Change of address
  • Addition of dependent
  • Removal of dependent
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death of spouse or dependent


If you do not have custody of a child you are claiming, you will need to have the custodial parent sign form 8332. This form can be found here: Form 8332.

The link below is a power of attorney form. If we have a valid Form 2848 on file, you may sign on behalf of a another person, such as a spouse, a child, an employer, or a business partner. This could help you avoid making an additional trip to our office after obtaining that person's signature.

Form 2848 Power of Attorney

Employees can no longer deduct unreimbursed employee expenses. If you have are self-employed, are a partner/member of a partnership or LLC, or own a business, farm, or rental property, click here for the business expense worksheet.

Often it is difficult to value non-cash donations to charities. This guide from Goodwill, Inc. can help determine many of these values.

Home Office Worksheet (Note: You must meet specific criteria to qualify for a home office deduction. If you are self-employed you may qualify. Employees do not qualify for this deduction. These rules can be found at IRS - Work From Home? Consider the Home Office Deduction)

Many people have self employed business information, rental income and farm income that is reported on their individual tax return. There are additional information request form that we may need you to complete to correctly record the business transactions on your tax return. Please go to the Your Business Tax section to review the forms that might apply to your situation.

Affordable Care Act

Beginning in 2014, the individual shared responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires Americans to have qualifying health insurance (called minimum essential coverage), have and exemption, or pay a shared resposibility penalty with their 2014 individual income tax return, From 1040. Please visit IRS - Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions for Individuals and Families for additional information.


Social Security Statements

Please visit to register for and obtain useful information about your social security account online.